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Heeft U last van een verslaving?

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Gevolgen verkeerde doktersdiagnose

Gevolgen verkeerde doktersdiagnose

Op 27 januari 2010 heb ik me naar de huisarts begeven met hevige darmpijnen. De vaste arts was evenwel met verlof en de vervangers stelde de diagnose: buikgriep, (er was op dat ogenblik een buikgriepepidemie)

toen ik hem er op wees dat ik in het verleden meermaals last had gehad van diferticulitis (lees het artikel wat diferticulitis is

(indien er mensen zijn die geen interesse hebben in de Medische termen, slaag die dan gerust over, maar neem alstublieft toch een kijkje tussen deze termen door welke fatale gevolgen er voor mij geweest zijn)

Doorgaan met het lezen van “Gevolgen verkeerde doktersdiagnose”



Shane Morand


All articles published in June 2015


Mushroom used in Chinese medicine “slows weight gain”



This mushroom might alter gut bacteria for the better, study finds






Feature: Under-forest cultivation: Chinese farmers’ new frontier



Mushroom used in Chinese medicine ‘slows weight gain’


Shane Morand


All articles published in June 2015


Mushroom used in Chinese medicine “slows weight gain”



This mushroom might alter gut bacteria for the better, study finds






Feature: Under-forest cultivation: Chinese farmers’ new frontier


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82 Push-Ups You Need to Know About

82 Push-Ups You Need to Know About


Drop and give me82? That’s right. We at Greatist love—nay, adore—the push-up. It’s one of the simplest and most functional exercises around, and it works almost every muscle we’ve got: the triceps and chest get a great workout, but the movement also engages the shoulders, core, lats, lower back, legs, and glutes.

Doing the same old push-ups day in and day out can feel a little vanilla, so we’re here to shake things up. Variety can supercharge a workout and throw a whole range of new muscles into the mix. Ever tried a spiderman push-up (see No. 15 below!)? How about an alligator (No. 13) or a jackknife push-up (No. 34)? There might be no end to the different spins (and cool names) we can give this classic exercise, but we’ve done our best to bring you as many as we could find, arranged into five categories: beginner, intermediate, explosive, wxpert, and equipment-based. Just be sure to spend some time perfecting your form and nailing the basics before you jump into the variations that require increased strength, coordination, and balance.

Note: There is no International Push-Up Authority, Official Push-Up Certification Board, or anyone in charge of naming the different kinds of push-ups. Consequently what some might call a rotational push-up, others will call a T-push-up, and so on. We’ve strived for accuracy, but concede that some people might have different names for these movements than we do, and that’s why we linked a video for every one of the entries!

Beginner Push-Ups

There’s no shame in starting at the beginning! These exercises will help build the foundation of strength required for the more advanced variations—plus, anyone who’s done a good old fashioned standard push-up knows that it provides a dynamite full-body workout all by itself. Remember, don’t take on an exercise unless you can manage a full range of motion—if taking a push-up all the way to the floor is too difficult, scale back to a modified push-up on your knees or a wall push-up (both of which are explained below!). Good luck!

1. Off the Wall
This is the first step on the path to push-up dominance. It’s basically a standing push-up done against a wall, which greatly reduces the amount of weight the muscles have to support.

2. Off a Table
The trick to building up to a standard push-up is to start from the wall and gradually get more horizontal. Push off of a table or chair on your way down, and you’ll be there in no time.

3. On the Knees
Nearly there! This is identical to a regular push-up, but performed on the hands and knees, with the feet raising off the ground as the push-up goes to the floor. This takes a lot of the work away from the abs and legs, making it a great way to practice for the real thing.

4. Standard
Congratulations! This is the real McCoy, one of the most fundamental bodyweight exercises on earth. Treat the push-up with respect, and it’ll be a friend for life.

5. Shoulder Tap
This is great for all the same reasons as the hand tap push-up, but it’s a slightly longer hold that’s better for improving balance.

6. Hand Tap
Pause at the top of the push-up and use one hand to give the other a friendly tap. Switch hands with each rep. That brief pause helps improve balance and makes the exercise more isometric, which is a great way to boost strength.

7. Rotational
This involves rotating the body into a side plank when the push-up is completed, holding the upper arm straight in the air so that the body resembles a “T.” This works the shoulders and oblique muscles while also helping to improve balance.

8. Thigh Tap
Tap, tap, taparoo! A tap to the outer thigh at the top of the push-up will help to strengthen those stabilizing muscles while giving the tricep one more extension for the road.

9. Single-Arm Raised
It’s all about isometrically strengthening the stabilizer muscles, and by sweeping the arm out in front at the top of the extension, this variation makes it much more difficult to balance, so the core gets a nice workout.

10. Single-Leg Raised
This isn’t as crazy as it sounds! Perform a push-up, but extend one leg off of the ground so that it’s parallel with the floor. This adds some extra instability and recruits your abs for extra balance.

Intermediate Push-Ups

This is where you’ll earn your bachelor’s degree in push-ups and the kind of advanced bodyweight skills that will come in handy for the rest of your life. For those keen to up the ante, it’s good to remember that slowing down any exercise will make it more difficult, so don’t be afraid to relax the pace of your push-ups. Slowing down might even be more beneficial for fat loss, since it releases more lactic acid!

11. Knuckle
A favorite of martial artists everywhere, these bad boys strengthen the wrist, toughen the knuckles, and improve balance.

12. Staggered
By staggering the hands (that is, by placing one hand farther forward than the other), one is able to emphasize one side of the chest—a super useful variation for those whose strength is lagging on their non-dominant side.

13. Alligator
Some people use this name for staggered push-ups, but we’re using it to refer to a staggered push-up that walks the body forward, just like an alligator crawling along the ground. Have fun with these!

14. Slow Negative
This one’s simple: Lower the body very slowly, but keep the “up” part of the movement as fast as ever. This is called a “slow negative” movement, and it’s one of the best ways to build size and strength in any exercise.

15. Spiderman
This push-up brings out your creepy crawly side: Bring one knee up the side of the body toward the elbow during the “down” portion. This squeezes the obliques and will improve balance. Keep the knee in the same spot for a few reps before switching sides or bring it forward and back for each push-up.

16. Knee to Chest
This movement is similar to the spiderman push-up, but the knee is brought up under the body, rather than around the side, so the abdominal muscles are worked more than the obliques. The name is a lot less cool though.

17. Pseudo Planche
A regular push-up has the fingers pointing forward and in line with the chest, but this variation has them pointing toward the feet and sitting a little farther down the torso. This hand placement makes the shoulders and biceps work much harder.

18. Outside-Leg Kick
Hi-ya! At the top of the extension, kick one leg out to the side hard to strengthen the quads, fire up the abs, and improve flexibility. Try to get the foot as far forward as possible.

19. Grasshopper
There’s actually no hopping involved with this one—it’s similar to a corkscrew push-up (No. 18) but one leg stays straight while the other bends and turns with the body as it lowers. This is a great way to work the obliques and abdominal muscles.

20. With Toe Tap
At the top of the movement, simply bend one knee to the side and bring the foot closer to the hip, then give the sole a tap with the opposite hand. This will give some extra work to the abs and legs.

21. Knee-to-Opposite-Elbow
Like it sounds: twist the body and bring a knee to the opposite elbow at the top of the movement. This is another great move to work the rotational muscles that run from the rib cage to the hips—yep, that includes the abs!

22. Corkscrew Push-Up
No wine with these push-ups (though maybe a little whine). They’re performed with the butt raised in the air, the feet together, hands under the chest, and the knees bent at about 45 degrees. The torso should be parallel to the ground at the top of the movement. As the body comes down to the ground, twist both legs sideways without further bending the knees, as shown in the video. This adds a whole new dimension to the abdominal workout while also working the quads and calves.

23. Diamond
This is the gold diamond standard of tricep exercises. Simply put the hands together so that the thumbs and index fingers form a diamond, place the hands below the center of the chest, and start busting out reps.

24. Wide
Place the hands placed farther out to the side of the body than they are for a regular push-up and you’ll put a lot more emphasis on the chest muscles, particularly the outer chest.

25. Cross-Leg Kick
This is even trickier than the outside-leg kick push-up (No. 18). At the top of the movement, turn the body to the side and kick. For example, the left leg should kick toward the right of the body. This will add some explosive power to the legs and obliques while firing up the core.

26. Tiger
At the bottom of the push-up, flatten the forearms to the ground while raising the butt into the air and pulling the body slightly backward. This should look a little like a tiger ready to pounce. Reverse the movement and push up. Congratulate the triceps for all their hard work.

27. Elbow
This is just like the tiger push-up (No. 26) but the body stays parallel to the ground at the bottom of the movement, so the butt doesn’t raise into the air. It’s a little harder, but you feel less like roaring.

28. Pike
Pike push-ups could be a category all of their own; they’re one of the best bodyweight exercises for the shoulders. Raise the butt into the air so the body forms a triangle with the ground. It looks a little like the downward dog, but the arms are more perpendicular to the ground. This is a fantastic way to work up to a handstand push-up—just gradually elevate the legs!

29. Feet Elevated
Just prop the toes on a chair, bedframe, or even a stability ball. This adds bodyweight to the exercise and emphasizes the upper chest muscles.

30. Lateral Step
Time to get mobile! This push-up steps the body sideways across the floor and requires a little more coordination and agility.

31. Typewriter
Also called side-to-side push-ups, these require lowering the body to one side (so the chest is close to the hand) and then sliding the body over to the other hand, keeping the body just above the floor, then pushing up from that side. Come back down, slide the body over to the right, and push back up. To make these more difficult, slide left and right a few extra times before pushing back up.

32. Wall-Assisted Handstand Push-Up
This variation builds serious shoulder strength and because you rely on the wall for support and balance, it doesn’t require crazy gymnastics skills to pull off. Stand close to a wall, facing away from it. Then, with your hands and head on the floor, place your feet on the wall behind you and walk them up until your body (arms included) is straight. Bend your elbows and lower your head toward the ground and then push back up. Voilà!

Raise one leg in the air during the exercise without bending it. This is a great way to help strengthen the glutes and hamstrings.

33. Uchi Mata
Similar to the single-leg raised push-up (No. 32), but bend the knee and push the foot up into the air as hard as possible when the body lowers. This variation increases the activity of the lower back, hamstrings, and core.

34. Jackknife
Bend the hips and jump both feet forward at each extension to work the abs and legs.

35. Single-Arm Off of a Table
The best way to work up to a one-armed push-up is the same way one would work up to a regular push-up: Start by pushing off of a wall, then move to an elevated surface like a table or chair. Keep the feet wide and the core engaged—even when elevated, this move requires considerable work from the obliques and triceps.

36. Isometric Push-Up
Welcome to your new plank! In the bottom of the push-up, hold the body just above the ground. Start by holding it a few seconds at a time and and work up to a minute.

37. Yoga
Also known as Hindu push-ups because of their origins in India, this variation requires great form, strength, and flexibility. It’s a little like the yoga move chaturanga dandasana: From a downward-facing dog position, lower the body and pull the head toward the hands, then push upward into a cobra pose—but keep the body off the ground. Don’t reverse the move: Keeping the arms straight, bend the hips and come back to the starting position.

38. Dive Bomber
These look a lot like yoga/Hindu push-ups, but the dive-bomber requires you to bend your arms to get back to the starting position, effectively reversing the movement and bringing the head back past the hands and elbows.

Explosive Push-Ups

Because they work the fast-twitch muscle fibers, explosive exercises are great for building muscle, power, and speed. Mixing explosive sets into a workout, either before or after regular exercises, is a great way to improve strength.

39. Explosive
Push so hard off the ground that the upper body soars into space and the hands are briefly in mid-air. Be sure to stretch the wrists, since this exercise puts extra impact on them.

40. Explosive Staggered
Remember the staggered push-up (No. 12)? Start out in that position, push into the air and switch the hands back and forth on each rep. This makes sure each side of the chest gets a proper workout, and it’s a lot of fun.

41. Explosive Jacks
It’s not quite a jumping jack… Kick your feet to the side as the body lifts from the ground, then kick them back together on the way down. Some people like to simultaneously sweep their hands past the head as the legs spread, which looks more like a standing jumping jack (but a lot harder!).

42. Explosive with a Clap
Push off so hard the hands are able to clap together before landing.

43. Explosive Full Body
Get your whole body to leave the ground with each push so that you’re briefly in mid-air. Fly safely!

44. Explosive Double Clap
Sure, you could just clap twice in front of the chest, or you could up the ante even more by clapping once in front of the body and once more behind it before landing back down. Needless to say, that requires a lot of practice and considerable power.

45. Explosive Triple Clap
Clap in front, clap behind, clap in the front, and land. This is some elite-level stuff!

46. Explosive Single-Arm Alternating
Also known as the Rocky, this requires a one-armed push-up that’s so explosive, the landing hand can be switched in mid-air.

47. Double Thigh Tap
Push the whole body off the ground and slap the thighs with both hands before landing.

48. Aztec
We’d like to go on the record saying that the risk of injury might be too high for this one. Nonetheless the Marine in this video makes it look deceptively simple: Push into the air, bend the hips and touch the feet to the hands, spring back and land. There’s a good chance that this move requires some of that Crouching Tiger flying magic.

Expert Pushh-Ups

As always, be careful when attempting new exercises. Remember that it can take years to work up to some of these, so only give them a try once you’re positive you have the strength and coordination to perform them safely.

49. Slider
Slide one hand way out to the side as the body lowers and bring it back as you push up. This often works better when the hand can slide on a small towel or Valslide.

50. Wall-Braced Single Arm
This makes a one-armed push-up slightly easier by bracing the body against the wall and taking some of the load off of the pushing arm. This exercise is no cake walk though!

51. Feet on the Wall
There’s probably a cooler name for these, but we don’t think they need one. Brace the soles of the feet against the wall and perform a push-up, a pike push-up (No. 28), a feet-elevated push-up (No. 29) or anything in between. This puts extra emphasis on the legs and ab muscles, as well as the upper chest and, well, the whole body.

52. Yoga on a Wall
All the difficulty of a yoga push-up (No. 37) plus the difficulty of a feet on the wall push-up (No. 51)? Pinch me, I’m dreaming!

53. Single Arm
The all-time classic. Exercises No. 35 and No. 50 on this list are good ways to work up to this advanced variation. Having the legs spread wide will make it a little easier to balance, while keeping the elbow close to the body will make it more difficult.

54. Superman
Feeling like a Man of Steel? Then lie on the ground and stretch your arms way out ahead of you like you’re flying through the clouds. Then put the palms to the ground and, keeping the arms relatively straight, raise and lower the body by bending at the shoulders. This is a difficult exercise that’s great for the abs and back.

55. Feet Elevated, Single Arm
Like No. 29, but with one arm and a lot more work from the obliques. Not for the faint of heart!

56. Fingertip
This variation requires a huge amount of strengh in the forearms and fingers—you can find some tips (get it?) here. The fewer fingers on the ground, the more strength is involved. Bruce Lee was known for performing one-armed push-ups on one finger, but we’re not recommending anyone try that at home!

57. Jack Lalanne Fingertip
Jack Lalanne is one of the world’s first fitness celebrities When Lalanne beat Arnold Schwarzenegger at a push-up competition, the Governator called Lalanne “a real machine.” Plus, Lalanne is often credited with opening the world’s first modern health club. The Jack Lalanne fingertip push-up is as tough as its namesake. It is a Superman push-up (No. 54) performed on the fingertips. This exercise requires of finely tuned functional strength, from fingers to the toes.

58. Planche
A move worthy of an elite gymnast, this push-up is performed with the hands closer to the waist and the feet hovering above the ground. This takes a lot of work to build up to, but follow these pointers if you’re game to try.

Push-Ups with Equipment

Push-ups rule the world of bodyweight exercises, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved with supplemental equipment. These variations make use of medicine balls, resistance bands, dumbbells, and more.

59. Single Hand on a Medicine Ball
Place one hand on a medicine ball and one on the ground to perform this push-up. It is a great way to strengthen a particular side of the body while also building balance and coordination.

60. Alternating Side Medicine Ball
This is a more explosive variation of No. 59 and requires a good deal more coordination and balance. Without rolling the ball, push up and over to the side so that you can switch the elevated hand. These can also be performed off of a box or another object of the same size.

61. Both Hands on a Medicine Ball
Managing a push-up with both hands on two separate medicine balls requires an enormous amount of stability, control, and body awareness. Plus, it really fires up the abs.

62. Triple Medicine Ball
Put both hands on two medicine balls, both feet on another, and don’t forget to breathe!

63. Off Four Medicine Balls
We all saw this coming. If you can manage one rep of this exercise, you have the balance of a stone statue—congratulations!

64) Feet on a Stability Ball
Ah, the old stability ball; a great way to challenge balance and add extra ab work to an exercise. By performing a simple feet-elevated push-up (No. 29) on one of these, the entire core needs to work extra hard to keep the ball from rolling away.

65. Two Hands on One Stability Ball
These are tough with the hands on top of the ball and even tougher when the hands are on either side of it, since you’ll need to push the hands together during the push-up, engaging more of the chest muscles.

66. Hands on a BOSU ball
Whether the hands are on the flat side or the squishy ball side, push-ups off a BOSU ball (the balance trainers that have a rubber dome on one side and a flat surface on the other) add in a lot of instability, coordination, and abdominal work—welcome guests in our workouts!

67. Feet on a Stability Ball, Hands on a BOSU Ball
I mean, we’ve come this far. Put the feet on a stability ball and the hands on the flat side of a BOSU ball, and push. Or put the feet on a BOSU and the hands on a stability ball, we won’t judge.

68. Dumbbells in Each Hand
Pushing off of dumbbells will help to strengthen the wrist, and if the dumbbells have screwlocks (you know, the screws that lock the plates in place), you can try loosening them slightly so that keeping them in place becomes more difficult and adds some extra instability to the move.

69. Renegade
These push-ups are just like No. 68 above, but one dumbbell is pulled back into a row at the top of the movement. This fires up the muscles in the back, creating a true full-body exercise.

70. Dumbbell Rotational
This is just like the rotational push-ups (No. 7), but the dumbbell in each hand makes it far more challenging to the muscles in the back and core.

71. Dumbbell to Chest Flies
Keep the screwlocks loose enough that the dumbbells can roll, but not so loose that the plates clank around. Allow the dumbbells to roll out to the side as the body lowers, then reverse the move. It’s a chest fly on the ground! Simple, but not easy.

72. Both Hands on a Kettlebell
Balancing both hands on a kettlebell (or, for the fearless, on a kettlebell handle) is a great way to mimic a diamond push-up (No. 23), but with more instability.

73. Each Hand on a Kettlebell
Same as above but with two kettlebells. Pushing up off of kettlebell handles is a big challenge for the forearms and the rotator cuffs, and it’s easy to turn them into renegade push-ups (No. 69).

74. Each Hand on Two Upside-Down Kettlebells
Perform the previous exercise (No. 73) with the kettlebells flipped upside-down to amp up the intensity—kettlebells don’t balance well on their handles, so this takes an awful lot of stability and muscle control!

75. Feet on a Kettlebell
To add some tension to the legs, perch the toes on the handles of a kettlebell.

76. Feet on Two Kettlebells
As above, but with the feet on two ‘bells. It probably isn’t possible to do so with the kettlebells upside down, but props if you’ve got the control!

77. Kettlebell Uchi Mata
Let’s just go ahead and say that there are almost as many push-ups on top of kettlebells and medicine balls as there are push-ups without them. This variation has one foot on a kettlebell with the other pushing into the air. Browse through a few more variations of kettlebell push-ups here, here, and the rest of YouTube!

78. Deficit
This can be performed off of a stack of weights, between two benches, or in any manner that lowers the body past the hands, which recruits more muscle fibers in the outer chest.

79. With Resistance Bands
Resistance bands are a super portable way to turbocharge any workout, and they’re great for improving explosive speed in push-ups. Simply lay one or more bands across the back and tuck the ends under the palms. Push.

80. With Chains
Chains work a lot like resistance bands in that the resistance increases the further you come off the ground. This makes you work harder at your strongest point and has great carry-over to the bench press, especially the top part of the movement (the lockout). It’s best to put the chains across the upper back; draping them across the neck will emphasize the rotator cuff muscles, but while Hugh Jackman is a fan, they might be a little risky!

81. With a Weighted Vest
Probably the best way to add resistance to bodyweight exercises, a weighted vest makes functional movements more challenging in all the right ways. Try them with as many exercises as you can.

82. Suspension Strap
Performing a push-up holding onto the handles of a suspension strap like a TRX or Mostfit is one of the most challenging ways to add instability to your push-ups—after all, balancing off of two wibbly, wobbly handles suspended in air is no easy feat. Note that it’s also easy to turn these into deficit push-ups. (Although we wouldn’t exactly call them easy…)

Did we miss any of your favorite push-up variations? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet the author @ncjms.

Kombucha – Komboecha De Theezwamdrank


Komboecha – Kombusha – Kargasok

Lees aandachtig, want deze drank kan uw leven een nieuwe wending geven.

Wat is de Komboecha theezwam? Is het eigenlijk wel een zwam?
Nee, een zwam is het niet: het is een kosmos. Een groep bacteriën en gistcellen, die samen een soort koek vormen. Hij groeit in gesuikerde thee en maakt er appelwijnachtige drank van, die theekwas genoemd wordt.
Hieronder ziet u goed, dat onder een microscoop, kombucha uit verschillende levensvormen bestaat.

Deze zijn o.a. Bacterium xylinum, Saccharonmyces, en nog vele anderen gisten en bacteriën. Zij kunnen in het donker leven. (Ze houden zelfs niet van direct zon licht.)

De theekwas bevat een serie vitamines zoals B1, B2, B3, B6, en B12.

Komboecha bevat verschillende zuren. Hier volgen de voornaamste: Glucuronzuur ,foliumzuur, D-melkzuur(+).
Glucuronzuur wordt in ons lichaam zelf gemaakt en heeft de taak om ons lichaam te ontdoen van gifstoffen.
Verder is het een belangrijk onderdeel van het hyaluronzuur. (Basis substantie van het bind weefsel.) En van chondroitinesulfaat (Een belangrijk onderdeel van kraakbeen.)
Je lichaam maakt er mukoitinesulfaat mee. ( Bouwsteen van het maagslijmvlies en het glasachtig lichaam van het oog.) Heparine er van ook een bijprodukt van.
Het is dus begrijpelijk, dat Komboecha gebruikt wordt voor het bestrijden van bindweefsel-aandoeningen.
Komboecha verbetert de werking van lever en nieren, helpt bij artrose, artritis, ontstekingen van maagslijmvlies en aandoeningen van het glasachtig ooglichaam en wordt gebruikt bij trombose en tromboflebitiden.

Het Usininezuur heeft een sterk antibacteriële werking en kan zelfs sommige virussen stoppen. Het gaat cholesterol afvoeren en werkt bloeddruk verlagend.

Door het veranderen van de PH waarde van je lichaam bestrijdt het zelf kanker. ( In Rusland is kanker met Kombucha genezen en is er uitgebreid onderzoek naar gedaan. )
Ronald Reagan is vier jaar geleden van kanker genezen door de thee zwam KOMBUCHA. Naast deze geweldige geneeskrachtige mogelijkheden van de KOMBOECHA is het -als je niet ziek bent- nog lekker ook. Ik gebruik het nu vanaf april 2002 en ik voel me er geweldig bij. Ik meer zin in alles, mentaal voel ik me sterker, en lichamelijk voel ik de zuiverende werking.

Lees meer over de geschiedenis van de KOMBOECHA drank.

Lees meer over de geneeskracht van de KOMBOECHA drank

Denk echter niet dat het eruit ziet als dat mooie plaatje boven. Het is een licht grijs-bruin achtige kwal, doch hij is wel mooi is op zijn eigen manier.

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Kombucha – KomboechaDe Theezwamdrank

Praktische handleiding voor toebereiding

Ingredients and utensils Met een oogopslag:
zo lukt uw zwamthee

  • een Komboechatheezwam
  • water
  • een kookpan
  • een bokaal van glas, porselein of aardewerk (met een zo groot mogelijke opening)
  • een zuurstof doorlatende doek (gaas o.i.d.)
  • een weckring
  • per liter water ongeveer 100 gram suiker en
  • 5 gram zwarte of groene Chinese thee.(niet gearomatiseerd)

Toebereiding(benodigde hoeveelheden per liter water)
Miraculix Asterix1. Water in de kookpan gieten en opzetten.

2. Als het water kookt, de pan van het fornuis halen en thee in het water doen: – zwarte of groene Chinese thee: 1-2 theelepels (5 g) of 1 theezakje 10-15 minuten laten trekken, – kruidenthee: 2 theelepels ongeveer 5 minuten laten trekken.

3. De theeblaadjes eruit zeven, of het zakje uit het water halen.

4. Ongeveer 100 gram witte suiker of beter nog: 50g suiker +27g glucose +33g honing, in de bijna afgekoelende thee scheppen en goed roeren tot de suiker volledig is opgelost. Honing verdraagt geen temperaturen hoger dan 40°C.

5. De thee laten afkoelen tot hij handwarm is (ongeveer 25° C).

6. De thee in een kom of vat van glas, porselein of aardewerk gieten. (Geen PVC of metaal)

7. Ongeveer 10 % Komboechadrank aan het geheel toevoegen.

8. De Komboechazwam in de vloeistof leggen. Opgelet: Indien de thee warmer is dan 40°C, sterft de zwam onherroepelijk !!!

9. De opening van de kom of het vat met een stuk gaas, linnen, een vaatdoek of een luier van katoen afdekken, en dat met een weckring vastzetten, zodat insekten zich geen toegang kunnen verschaffen.

10. Het gistingsvat op een rustige, warme plek neerzetten. Frisse lucht en warmte zijn belangrijk. Licht is niet noodzakelijk. Fel zonlicht is zelfs schadelijk.

Pauze van ongeveer 14 dagen, daarna gaat het als volgt verder:11. De zwam er met schone handen uithalen.

12. De drank is nu klaar en kan door een zeef in flessen gegoten worden.

13. Het gistbezinksel moet men in het gistingsvat laten zitten. Dat moet men echter wel om de 4 weken leeg gieten en met heet water uitspoelen. De zwam moet men dan voorzichtig met koud, stromend water afwassen en daarna weer in het gistingsvat leggen.

14. Voor de aanzuring van nieuw te bereiden thee moet ongeveer 10 % van de drank in het vat achterblijven of er, na uitwassing van het vat, in teruggeschonken worden.

15. Als men de drank niet meteen wil opdrinken, kan men hem het beste op een koele plaats bewaren.

16. Men kan een nieuw gistingsproces beginnen. Starten bij 1.

In onderstaande tabel vind je de juiste hoeveelheden van alle ingrediënten per volume van 1 tot 10 liter water:
Groen is de hoeveelheid thee
Licht roze
is als je alleen kristalsuiker gebruikt.(af te raden)
Roze is een combinatie van glucose + honing.(is goed)
Donker roze is de ideale combinatie van kristalsuiker + glucose + honing.
Oranje is enkel honing. (is goed)

1 liter
5 g
100 g
2 liter
10 g
200 g
3 liter
15 g
300 g
4 liter
20 g
400 g
5 liter
25 g
500 g
6 liter
30 g
600 g
7 liter
35 g
700 g
8 liter
40 g
800 g
9 liter
45 g
900 g
10 liter
50 g
1000 g

Meer info over Komboecha

De Komboechaportaalsite van de lage landen

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The wonderful world of mushrooms Toxic? or Healing?

The wonderful world of mushrooms Toxic? or Healing?


Everything about the wondrous world of mushrooms, I invite everyone to put as much information in the group Texts videos, etc., as long as it is only meant well and as long as it has to do with mushrooms. So no advertising of other products or systems

Since I read an article about how Ebola could be counteracted with Reishi and Cordiceps two articles I happen to have in my sales program, am I, and more went looking for interesting mushrooms and am dumbfounded by stood, how many facebook groups there are around fungi, but is usually limited to only one kind. I have therefore decided to set up where everyone can talk about “all” types of mushrooms. His own ownership group I would ask as many people as possible to join this group, even if they can do no ownership himself a member it is always interesting to learn from the things that others bring. Thank you in advance for your interest

Therefore, I formed a new group where the bdeoeling is that information is shared with each other. In from all over the world over as many mushrooms Videos, Lyrics, recipes etc..

Click on the picture below for instant access to this new group


The rise of modern industry and the new way of working in agriculture, there are many padestoelenculturen lost.
Moreover went (at least in my country) people regularly with the children on their quest for mushrooms and was taught from childhood which were edible, which is poisonous and how they could prepare tastiest. The
By advent of modern mushroom farms, this tradition also destroyed or lost while regrettable lot of knowledge

I continue to deal with camputcheathee (with camputchea mushroom) me for years

And later I’m all begin to look about Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum)

The way that I make the tea as shown above is a combination of Organo Gold Organic Vegetable tea (which also Ganoderma Luciduminserted)

The Organic Red Tea by Organo Gold Where Moreover Cordiceps inside

And black tea organogold where Guarana and Organic Honey in it

If you want to do this yourself, so I will give you the chance to order at wholesale prices (So you do not think I can order directly themselves at wholesale prices first purchase at wholesale price and then selling at a profit,)

I give below a video on the benefits of Ganoderma Luciduma on the beneficial effects of Cordiceps about Guarana and Honey. So you can see how one can combine. Auspiciousness of various mushrooms and other products

I will later attach a video about the beneficence of Red Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea, but do limit myself to the beneficence of various mushrooms.

If there are people who know other combinations, please let me know and I connect share it with anyone who would opdit Blog and my facebook group.

>>>>> Here the link where you can purchase at wholesale price, this tea click HERE

Verneem alles over paddestoelen

klik hier

Video Waarom zijn alternatieve geneeswijzen zo populair?

Waarom zijn alternatieve geneeswijzen zo populair?

Verneem alles (deze site zal uitgebreid worden voorzien met talrijke info over de meest courante alternatieve geneeswijzen)

klik hier

Breng De Schatten Van De Aarde Aan De Mensen Van De Wereld

About Organo Gold

“It all started with an extraordinary cup of coffee …” Organo Gold began in 2008 in Richmond, B.C., Canada, in a small shop with only three employees.

A Powerful Vision

Organo Gold is a global Network Marketing company on a mission to spread knowledge of Ganoderma to the entire world.

First Class Products

All around the world, people are waking up to the incredible taste and benefits of Organo Gold’s premium gourmet beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products.


Lichaamsbeweging betekent niet noodzakelijk dat U lid moet worden van een sportschool. Er zijn veel manieren om meer te gaan bewegen en dit deel te laten uitmaken van uw dagelijkse bezigheden:

  • Hydratteer uzelf voldoende en drink minstens twee liter water per dag. Het is nog belangrijker om voor, tijdens en na het sporten water te drinken. Ook voor lichte lichaamsbeweging moet U goed drinken.
  • Doe minstens vijf keer per week minimaal 30 minuten aan lichaamsbeweging. U kunt  30 minuten verdelen in drie sessies van 10 minuten. Als U 30 minuten nog niet volhoudt, begin dan met wat U volhoudt en bouw langzaam op.
  • Kies lichaamsbeweging die U goed kunt inplannen in uw dagelijkse bezigheden.. Maak een fikse wandeling, voetbal met de kinderen, breng de kinderen lopend of met de fiets naar school in plaats van met de auto, stap een bushalte eerder uit , neem de trap in plaats van de lift, leef U in de tuin uit op het onkruid want graven , maaien en hakken alleen al is een goede workhout.
  • Kies iets wat U met het hele gezin kunt doen, of met vrienden zodat U gemotiveerd blijft.
  • Rust en ontspanning zijn belangrijk. Stress kan gezondheidsproblemen veroorzaken en sommigen denken dat het lichaam daardoor vatbaarder wordt voor ziektes. Maak tijd vrij om te ontspannen door te sporten, tijd door te brengen  met familie of vrienden of door te mediteren. Probeer om per nacht minimaal zeven uurper nacht goed te slapen zodat U weer fris wakker wordt.
  • Drink niet teveel alcohol. Alcohol bevat “lege calorieën”, die geen voedingswaarde hebben.
  • Stop met roken

Zie nog veel meer (en uitgebreider tips, met tal van video’s op mijn site

klik hier

Alles over kefir en kombucha voor uw gezondheid.

“Het Kefirwinkeltje”

Alles over kefir en kombucha voor uw gezondheid.

Kefir is een gezonde wellness drank met probiotica!

Kefir is een van oorsprong uit de Kaukasus afkomstige drank. De drank bevat goede bacteriën die kunnen helpen voor allerhande kwaaltjes. Kefir heeft een probiotische werking en kan zelf heel gemakkelijk gemaakt worden op basis van water of melk. Kefir kan dus opgedeeld worden in twee verschillende typen, de melkkefir en de waterkefir:

Melkkefir is de traditionele kefir en is een koolzuurhoudende en licht alcoholische drank die qua substantie lijkt op drinkyoghurt. Melkkefir bevat bacteriën die van nature voorkomen in yoghurt en zuiveldranken.

Waterkefir is op basis van water en daarin opgeloste suiker. Hieraan worden fruit en kefirkorrels toegevoegd welke zorgen voor een vergisting. Hierdoor ontstaan probiotische bacteriën die goed zijn voor ondermeer de darmflora.

Waarom is Kefir zo gezond?

Kefir wordt al eeuwen gebruikt door verschillende volkeren overal ter wereld. De werkzame stoffen zijn talloos en zorgen voor een gezond lichaam. Kefir wordt het meest gebruikt voor de herstelling, onderhouding en ondersteuning van de dramflora. De darmflora is een van de belangrijkste elementen om ons lichaam gezond te houden. Als de darmflora goed en optimaal werkt heeft dit direct invloed op de gemoedstoestand, het energieniveau van het lichaam en het immuunsysteem.
Naast de goede bacteriën bevat kefir ook goede mineralen, gisten en vitamines. Een van de belangrijkste stoffen in kefir is de tryptofaan en staat in de wetenschap bekend om de ondersteunende werking die het heeft op de zenuwen. Naast tryptofaan bevat kefir ook magnesium en calcium welke een positieve werking hebben op het zenuwgestel en de botten in ons lichaam. Kefir helpt het lichaam koolhydraten, vetten en eiwitten makkelijk en snel op te nemen. Hierdoor blijft het lichaam in goede gezondheid en blijft het energieniveau in balans. Daarnaast bevat kefir ondermeer de vitaminen B 12, B1 en vitamine K welke goed is voor het bloed, botstofwisseling en aderen.

Waar wordt Kefir nog meer voor gebruikt?

Kefir staat zoals hierboven beschreven bekend om de heilzame werking, het wordt dan ook gebruikt bij behandeling of verlichting van bepaalde klachten. Uit onderzoeken blijkt dat kefir ondermeer kan worden gebruikt bij de behandeling van Tuberculose, door de vitamine K in de drank wordt het bloed gezond gehouden. Ook bekende maag- en darmklachten zoals bijvoorbeeld de ziekte van Crohn, kunnen door het drinken van kefir worden verlicht. Daarnaast wordt kefir gebruikt bij een verstoorde stoelgang, ontstekingen in de luchtwegen, hoge bloeddruk, zenuwziekten, candidiasis en huidaandoeningen zoals eczeem, uitslag of psoriasis.

Hoe kom ik aan de kefir?

Kefir is vrij eenvoudig zelf te produceren, daar heeft u echter wel een kefircultuur voor nodig. Een kefircultuur kunt u bij ons bestellen. Als u eenmaal bent begonnen met het maken van uw eigen kefir kunt u de kefircultuur altijd weer hergebruiken ook omdat deze tijdens het produceren zich vermeerd.

Wanneer arbeidsartsen en coaches samenwerken om de strijd met burn-out aan te gaan: “samen zijn we sterk!”


BAO Group team &amp; managementteam SPMT-Arista BAO Group team & managementteam SPMT-Arista

De psychosociale risico’s zijn een plaag geworden in onze samenleving. Deze vaststelling is ernstig en serieus te nemen. Het is tijd om aan kruisbestuiving te doen, om vaardigheden uit te wisselen en samen te werken. De aanwezige know-how in verschillende domeinen samenbrengen voor een betere kennis inzake welzijn en zich gelukkig voelen op het werk is meer dan ooit nodig.

Sinds enkele maanden krijgt een nieuwe samenwerking vorm om te voldoen aan de toenemende behoefte van organisaties en werknemers om ondersteund te worden bij burn-out. De externe dienst in preventie SPMT-Arista en de coachings- en opleidingsorganisatie BAO Group hebben beslist hun krachten te bundelen. Op die manier bieden ze een uitgebreid en holistisch antwoord op de realiteit in de Belgische arbeidsmarkt inzake welzijn op het werk en de preventie van psychosociale risico’s.

Ontmoeting tussen Nicolas Bodson, gedelegeerd bestuurder van SPMT-ARISTA, Dr Philippe NYSTEN, medisch…

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